Thông số kỹ thuạt:

1. Solar panel:5.5V 1.5W

2. Lithium battery:3.7V 1500mAh

3. Light source:25PCS LED

4. LED:6-7LM/pc,color temperature:6000-6500K

5. Rated power:1.2W

6. Standby current:4UA

7. Working current:50mA(dim light);400mA(bright light)

8. Senor-motivated area: :2.5-3m

Product performance:

1. CDS + Motion-motivated working mode:

During the day or under bright light, the lamp will not turn on; while in the evening or in a dim/dark situation, it will turn on automatically and when triggered by human motion, it will automatically turn on bright light for 30 seconds. Then, to save power, it will auto turn to dim light. Once there is motion sensed, the bright light turns on.

2. CDS steady on mode:

The lamp will be charged in the daytime and turn on automatically when it gets dark.

When it is sunny, the lamp can get fully charges within 6 to 8 hours. After a full charge, under “steady on” lighting mode, the lamp can work for 3-4 hours; under “motion-motivated ” lighting mode, the lamp lighting time varies with motion sensor trigger times, in this working mode, the working time is much longer than “steady on” lighting mode.

3. The lamp working modes can be switched among OFF, CDS steady on mode and CDS+Motion-motivated working mode by clicking ON/OFF pin hole. While the indicator LED will be switched among OFF, 1 second on 0.5 second off, and steady on.


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