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Hệ thống chiết xuất CO2 siêu tới hạn

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 3 năm
Mô tả:

CO2 siêu tới hạn được sử dụng như một dung môi để chiết xuất tinh dầu trong thực vật.




Supercritical Fluid System

Critical point occurs under conditions such as specific values of pressure and temperature at which no phase boundaries exist. Therefore, the supercritical fluid is any substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point.

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Physical character of Supercritical
• It has properties between those of a gas and a liquid.
• Properties can be changed by the pressure and temperature of the fluid. 
• It is relatively rapid compared with liquid because of the low viscosities and high diffusivities associated with 
   supercritical fluids.
Phase Density (Kg/㎥) Viscosity,(CP) Diffusion x 108(㎡/sec)
Gas 1.0 0.05-0.35 100-10000
SCF 200-900 0.2-1.0 0.1-0.3
Liquid 800-1000 3.0-20 0.05-0.2
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Critical point of fluid state
Solvent Critical Temp. 
Critical Pressure
Molecular Weight
  Carbon dioxide (CO2) 31.1 73.8 0.469 44.01
  Water (H2O) 373.1 220.5 0.348 18.02
Methane (CH4) -87.75 46 0.162 16.04
Ethane (C2H6) 32.4 48.8 0.203 30.07
Propane (C3H8) 96.8 42.5 0.217 44.09
Ethylene (C2H4) 9.4 50.4 0.215 28.05
Propylene(C2H2) 91.75 46 0.232 42.08
Methanol (CH3OH) 239.45 80.9 0.272 32.04
Ethanol (C2H5OH) 240.9 61.4 0.276 46.07
Acetone (C3H6O) 235.1 47.0 0.278 58.08
Carbon dioxide and water are commonly used for supercritical fluids
Ideal supercritical fluid
• No corrosion & safety 
• Low temperature & pressure for critical point. 
• High solubility 
• Easy to buy and cheaper price. 
• Harmlessness
Feature of supercritical fluid
• Eco-friendly clean technology to environment and human 
• High technology for high purity and high quality(extraction system) 
• Technology of saving energy. 
• No waste of solvent(fluid)
Character of supercritical fluids
1) Character of Supercritical CO
• Nontoxic and nonflammable, rare properties. 
• Eco-friendly fluid (recycle system) 
• Low critical point of temperature and pressure(31.0 6degree C, 74 bar) 
• High diffusion coefficient(compared with liquid) *Density change by temperature and pressure
Supercritical CO2 system has been the focus of new technology. 
Especially, its application are expanding various industry which are food industry, chemical industry, raw-material industry, environmental industry, energy industry; that need environmental conservation and to manufacture product with high quality.
2) Character of Supercritical Water
• Chemical properties(density, dielectric constant, conductivity, solvency) can be changed above critical point(374 degree C, 221 bar) 
• Non-polar solvent : Dielectric constant of supercritical water has quasivalue with non-polar solvent of benzene, ethyl ether, hexane) 
• Supercritical water is excellent solvent to organic matter that is difficult to be dissolved by water. 
• It is possible for complete oxidation due to high oxygen and there are no pollutants after process.
• Reaction velocity is rapid by single phase oxidation reaction.
Application according to system
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Extraction technology of supercritical fluid is combined technology with traditional distillation technology It is one of separation technology such as separation from mixture, purification of polymer, medicine from natural plant, active constituent separation from spice. 

There are processes of extraction and separation to extract the substance by using solvency of supercritical fluid Reagent and solvent are dissolved as supercritical fluid by solvency in process of extraction. Supercritical fluid through extraction process is separated to solute by temperature and pressure in process of separation. In process of extraction, it can selectively extract specific ingredient by adjusting condition(temperature, pressure).

CO2 commonly using for supercritical state is low critical condition and harmless, nonflammable, safety.


Phase and function of each device
Ӱ ̻ȭź Chiller Pump Extractor Seperator
Temperature   -   At Constant 
Pressure -      
Phase Liquid Liquid Supercritical Fluid Gas Gas
Feature of supercritical extraction system
• Low critical point of temperature and pressure(31.0 6degree C, 74 bar) 
• High diffusion coefficient(compared with liquid) 
• Eco-friendly clean technology to environment and human 
• To adjust solubility by control condition of temperature and pressure. 
• High technology for high purity and high quality(extraction system) 
• Technology of saving energy. 
• No waste of solvent(fluid) 
• Nontoxic and nonflammable, rare properties. 
• Eco-friendly fluid (recycle system)


Application Company
Coffee Decaffeination Kaffee HAG AG, Bremen, Germany; General Foods, Houston, Texas; Hermsen, Bremen, Germany; SKW-Trostberg, Poszzillo, Italy
Tea Decaffeination SKW-Trostberg, Munchmuenster, Germany
Fatty Acids from spent Barley Marbert GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany
Nicotine Extraction Phillip Moris, Hopewell, Birginia
Rose-Residual Oil SCE Kerr-McGee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
CO Refining Extracted Pyrethrum Agrofarm, United Kingdom
Hops Extraction Pfizer Hops Extraction, Sdyney, Nebraska; Hopfenextraktion, HVG, Barth, Raiser & CO, Wolnazch, Germany, Hops Extraction Corp, of America, Yakima Washington, J.I. Haas, Inc., Yakima Washington
Carlton, United Breweries, United Kingdom
Hops Extraction & Spices SKW-Trostberg, Munchmuenster, Germany, Pauls & White, Reigat, United Kingdom
Flavors Extraction Camilli Albert & Louie, Grasse, France
Flavors/Aromas Flavex GmbH, Rehlingen, Germany
Corn Oil Mohri Oil Mills, Japan
Color Extraction - Red Pepper Mohri Oil Mills, Japan, Fuji Flavor, Japan, Sumitomo Seiko (Uhde facility), Japan, Yasuma (Mitsubishi Kokoki Facility), Japan
Hasegawa Koryo (Uhde Facility) Japan, 
Takasago Foods (Mitsubishi Kokoki Facility), Japan
Sesame Oil Extraction U-Max Co., Ltd Korea - Imported
Ottogi Co., Ltd Korea (By Ilshin autoclave co., Ltd) one of Biggest facility with 5 floors
Advantage of supercritical extraction system
• Pressure vessel designed based on ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineer)
• Certified by KGS or KOSHA
accurate Equipment
• Good performance of keeping constant temperature by external jacket type.
• Complete internal /external insulation and stable to keep constant temperature. 
• Safety of pressure vessel by safety device.
Customizing engineering
• Easily to close by quick clamp type for high pressure
• A wide range of specification 
• Application for various research purposes.
• Exact measurement system and easy to control
• Convenience to check operational status by measuring instrument 
• Easy for assembly and disassembly
• Quick response from customer service team



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